Everlasting Luck Gift Set

Everlasting Luck Gift Set

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This gift box is specially curated for this CNY which contain savory and sweet premium gift that perfect for anyone. Each gift is specially sourced and matched to make it an artistic yet practical gift box.

What’s inside?

美满团圆 Nourish Blessing ‘3 Treasures’ Gift Set x 1:

Natural Snow Bird Nest 极品野生雪燕 x 1: Snow Bird Nest (Xueyan) is a plant pith secretion of the genus Panzhihua which rich in plant collagen.  All-natural, no preservatives, harmful pesticides, or GMO herbs. Manual pick, Clean without impurities. The history of eating Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum in India has been more than 1,000 years. The local people waded through the mountains to pick Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum and tribute them to the royal family. It has also been popular in Southeast Asia for a hundred years. It helps nourish the lungs, detox, aids in constipation and regulates gastrointestinal function.

Natural Wild Peach Gum 特级珍珠桃胶x 1: Peach gum is the resin from peaches grown on Chinese wild peach trees. Also known as the serum, it is widely considered the most valuable part of the peach tree. Peach gum is rich in antioxidants and has been known for improving eyesight and relieving stress. No preservatives, harmful pesticides, or GMO herbs. Manual pick, Clean without impurities.

Natural Wild Snow Lotus 天山雪莲子x 1: Snow lotus is a flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae. It is grown at mountain peaks with very cold temperatures in polar Asia, Europe, and North America, its largest habitat diversity at the peak of the Himalayas. Good for slimming and weight loss, nourishing yin and beauty.

Premium Red Dates & Longan 特级红枣龙眼 x 1: Brew of red dates and longan help replenish and nourish your blood, thus improving blood circulation. This can lead to better liver and digestive function, the balance of inner body energy (qi), and improved immunity.

100% Pure & Organic Malaleuka Honey by Giant B 天然纯正有机蜂蜜  x1 – Melaleuca Honey is 100% natural honey collected by bees from the nectar of the Melaleuca flowers.

Secret Recipe Manual 甜滋滋雪燕糖水特制秘方 x 1: What these ingredients for? Here comes the secret recipe that guides you to make a nourishing and healthy dessert for your friends and family. We promise it is easy as ABC. The whole package can serve up to 15 to 20 pax. You may cut down the portion proportionally based on the recipe.

Handmade Rattan Basket 新年装饰与编制篮子 x 1: All of the Nourish Blessing ‘3 Treasures’ Gifts are wrapped and arranged in one rattan basket and finished with red ribbon and CNY decor.

AAA Grade Korea Premium Dried Scallop 特级正宗韩国干贝x 1 – Scallop is one of the luxury dried seafood gifts on Chinese new year. This carefully selected dried scallop comes all the way from Korea. All-natural and no preservative.

Rose Peanut Bar by Ng Kee Cake Shop 玫瑰豆方x1 – Made from the traditional recipe but crafted with a modern twist, it topped with Japan Imported rose petals are sure to sweeten the hearts of both the young and old!

Cashew & Pumpkin Seed Bar by Ng Kee Cake Shop 腰豆片 x 1 –  Ng Kee’s sifu took years of experience to perfect this thin crunchy sweet and savory snack recipe. Now, they specially launched on this Chinese New Year 2021. Trust me, once you try, you never stop. Seriously addictive! You might finish the snacks in minutes. Anyway, do you know nuts and seeds contain a host of healthful nutrients?

Limited Edition “Bull” of Prosperity Chinese Tea Cake 精美“牛福永恒”云南普尔生茶 x 1 –  Pu Er is one of the most coveted tea in the world and it plays an important role in Chinese society. The selected broad-leafed variety of raw tea leaves are sun-dried, steamed, and compressed into a puer round ALT tea cakes. Perfect for tea lovers. Pair it with cookies and makes a real oriental luxury high tea.

Chinese New Year Themed Premium Handmade Rattan Basket 精装编制篮子与装饰 x 1: All of the gift items are painstakingly arranged in our handmade rattan basket. A refined red satin ribbon and ornaments are daintily added as a finishing touch so your gift is ready to be gifted.

Chinese New Year Greeting Card 农历新年祝贺卡x 1: Your message on card can send some love to someone even if they are far away from you. A complimentary handwritten card will be enclosed with your gift

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