ROAR With Us

Restore Our Amazing Rainforest

Plants. There is something about them that draws us in. Plants provide us a sense of tranquility, productivity, and nurtures us indirectly. Numerous studies published have shown that plants induce positivity within us. Consequentially, our psychology well-being is directly attributed to their presence.

Did You Know?

Did you know rainforests provide us with medicine?
Globally, 25% of drugs used in modern medicine are derived from rainforest plants [1]

Researchers believe around 70% of rainforest plants have anti-cancer properties [2]

120 prescription drugs sold worldwide today to treat diabetes, heart conditions and infectious diseases are derived directly from rainforest plants [2]

ROAR – Together We Can Heal the Earth

ROAR: Restore Our Amazing Rainforest

APE x A Little Thing collaboration in “Plant a Tree” to conserve animals, environment, its community, and wildlife.
The smallest change makes the biggest impact.



The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years Ago.
The Second Best Time is Now


Over 80,000 acres of forest disappear from the earth every day. A variety of factors contribute to deforestation, and humans are one of them. While it is important to create, it is also important to leave the Earth better than we found it. At A LITTLE THING we are proud to stand with trees for the future.

We are excited to announce that we have taken the initiative to be part of the APE forest restoration project. APE Malaysia is a social enterprise that focuses on conservation as a means to enable wider change towards a sustainable future.

Restore Our Amazing Rainforest

 There are many environmental benefits to planting a tree. Strategically planting trees can have tremendous benefits for the environment. Besides, not only will you help restore life quality in your community, contribute to the environment and help fight climate change, but you will also set an example. Moreover, you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve done your part. So, have you ever considered giving back to Mother Earth? This is a great opportunity!

This planting of a tree project is made possible only with your help. From this initiative, for every purchase over RM250, one tree will be planted as a representation of your support and participation. Subsequently, it’s our way of showing thanks to you, our customers, as well as to the environment.

We are not only a gifting company that makes people happy, but also one that strives to make the environment around us smile. Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Thus, let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.

ROAR – APE x A Little Thing

Want To Know More?


There’s a saying in Malay, “Tak kenal, maka tak cinta”. Therefore, let’s get to know our partner. Dive deep into the heart of restoration, and preservation. Besides, to love something is to protect it.
So, we’re doing our part – what about you?
ROAR with us!

Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR)


[1] Global Risk Insights. Deforestation Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry. June 2015. 

[2] Shipra Shah, Jahangeer A. Bhat, Ethnomedicinal knowledge of indigenous communities and pharmaceutical potential of rainforest ecosystems in Fiji Islands, Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 17, Issue 4, 2019, Pages 244-249

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