The 9 Most Awkward Mooncake Flavours in the World

Unconventional flavours to stand out?

The 9 Most Awkward Mooncake Flavours in the World
August 4, 2023 Pei Ying
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You Won’t Be Able to Deny How Strange They Are!

As mooncakes continue to evolve and cater to diverse tastes, some bakeries and chefs have experimented with strange flavours to stand out. While these flavours may be considered awkward or unusual by traditional standards, they can still appeal to adventurous eaters. Here are 9 of the most awkward mooncake flavours:

Salmon Wasabi Mooncake

The salmon and wasabi mooncake is a trendy new creation, blending boneless salmon fillet and wasabi sauce in a classic pastry crust, enriched with egg sauce, fish roe, and nori for a delectable, layered taste.

Awkward Mooncake: Salmon Wasabi

Tom Yum Mooncake

Tom Yum, a spicy and sour Thai soup, used as a mooncake flavor, can be a daring departure from traditional sweet fillings.

Awkward Mooncake: Tom Yum

Instant Noodle Mooncake

The instant noodle mooncake is a unique and unconventional twist on the traditional mooncake, incorporating instant noodles as a key ingredient, adding a delightful and unexpected flavour to the traditional festive treat.

Instant Noodles Mooncake

Mooncakes with Bean-taste Filling Fried with Tomatoes

The fried mooncake pieces filled with sweet bean paste and tomatoes. This creation quickly gained popularity on the Internet and earned the nickname ‘the strangest mooncakes‘. Definitely an awkward mooncake indeed.

Awkward Mooncake: Sweet Bean and Tomatoes

Garlic Mooncake

The black garlic mooncake’s filling includes black garlic, black beans, mung beans, and a mix of roasted chicken and fish fins. Though it seems something is wrong, the taste is exciting with saltiness and subtle sourness.

Awkward Mooncake: Garlic

If those aren’t strange enough..

 Pickle and Bullfrog Mooncake

Split apart the mooncake to reveal a large piece of bullfrog with pickled Chinese cabbage. Each mooncake contains a boneless bullfrog leg for your convenience.

Awkward Mooncake: Pickle and Bullfrog

Mooncake with Crawfish Filling

Experience a unique and eccentric twist with a mooncake featuring crawfish filling, blending unexpected seafood delight with the traditional pastry.

Awkward Mooncake: Crawfish

Canned Mooncake

In 2014, a netizen devised a peculiar way to preserve mooncakes by placing them in a jar with 3/4 liquor and 1/4 vinegar, adding slices of ginger on top.

Awkward Mooncake: Canned Mooncake

And the most awkward mooncake award goes to:

Mooncake with Leek Egg Filling

Leek dumplings and roasted leeks are acceptable, but the combination of leeks and mooncakes is not something people will be easily trying out. 

Awkward Mooncake: Leek Egg

Are you daring enough to explore these awkward mooncake flavors? Undeniably, all these creations are incredibly creative and challenge the boundaries of the human palate. While some may find them awkward, they undoubtedly cater to adventurous eaters looking for new taste experiences.

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