Sthriver’s Meal: Classic Chicken (75g)

Sthriver’s Meal: Classic Chicken (75g)


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19g Protein | 6g Carbohydrate | 4.5g Fat per serving (2 scoops)
Classic Chicken stir-fried with sweet bell peppers and roasted cashews will make you love your white meat even more.

Sthriver’s Meal  is made from tasty whole foods. It also has up to 97% of its nutrients intact after processing – courtesy, freeze-drying. This way, you still enjoy nature’s goodness without the stress accompanying food preparation and cooking.

Sthriver’s meal is lightweight and very portable. You get to enjoy fresh and healthy meals without the need for a refrigerator, and you’ll definitely be eating more often helping you to cultivate a habit of healthy lifestyle. And it requires only 5 minutes for preparation before eating, crazy right?!

How to Make the Perfect Meal?
1. Shake the Sthriver’s Meal bag for even distribution of ingredients before opening it.
2. Add Sthriver’s Meal to a heat-resistant bowl.
3. Add hot water.
4. Stir well and cover lid. Steep for 5 to 15 minutes.
5. Tada! Your meal is ready!

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