‘Reunion’ Premium Mooncake Gift Set

‘Reunion’ Premium Mooncake Gift Set


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Pre Order: Delivery starts from 1st September 2021

‘Memories are made when we gather around the table’. We’ve heard this quote many times. I bet its no longer attainable considering the challenge of the global pandemic. Though most of the people stay social distancing with each other, the urge to be with friends and family are stronger than ever. No matter how far we are from each other, a short message or even a small gift will definitely warm everyone’s heart.

The full moon during mid autumn festival embodies family reunion and harmony. Think from the bright side, we still get to share the beauty of the moon while enjoying mooncake and traditional Chinese tea under the same moonlight no matter how far we apart. I bet it brings everyone closer at least spiritually.

Let’s share some love to your loved ones during the mid-autumn festival and let them know that near or far, you are always on their mind.

This year, we are using handmade traditional rattan dual layered gift box for you to give your mid autumn mooncakes with pride. Each mooncake gift box is carefully and thoughtfully curated for you to enjoy perfect moon viewing with your friends and family.

What’s included?

Bottom Layer: Individual Packed Traditional Handmade Mooncakes with Bunny Box

The bottom layer contains four traditional 80g mooncakes that let you reminisce mooncakes during your childhood. Why 80g? 1st of all, the size is just beautiful to look at, and it is also not too much to devour. 2nd, 8 means wealth and success in Chinese, which makes perfect sense for gifting. Together with Ng Kee Cake House, one of the most established cake house in Penang, we have created colourful contemporary yet authentic mooncake for you to gift to your loved one because classic never goes out of style. This year, Ng Kee even go for extra mile by launching new and improved taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. As always, no artificial flavouring, no artificial colouring and no preservative.

  1. Red Jujube Mooncake (80g) x 1 : New Flavour! Red date is extremely beneficial to our health. The fresh red dates paste has a sweet and lovely caramel like flavour, which add a distinctive taste to a mooncake.
  2. Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake (80g) x 1 : The natural taste of mellow, nutty and creamy purple sweet potato not only a healthy sweet treat but also really pretty to look at.
  3. Black Sesame Single Yolk Mooncake (80g) x 1 : Savour the delicate sweetness of black sesame paste filling and grainy yet creamy salted egg yolk in the perfectly baked white skin mooncake.
  4. Taro Single Yolk Mooncake (80g) x 1 : Taro is also known as Yam Mooncake, offers a smooth and dense texture amidst the yummy ‘yammy’ flavour that suits for contemporary palates especially devour together with salted egg yolk..

Top Layer: Limited Edition Plain Superbunny Mooncake Biscuit 萌兔公仔饼 Gift Set

How adorable is the Superbunny looking at the moon from the traditional Koi fish tank?

5. Superbunny Mooncake x 1 : Plain mooncake with mid-autumn theme bunny which specially designed by our in-house designer. Isn’t it adorable?
6. 3D Koi Tea Cup x 1 : In this gift set, it serves as a miniature 3D koi fish tank. It’s actually functional as a chinese tea cup. Enjoy your chinese tea anytime with this elegant chinese tea cup.
7. Dual Layered Handmade Rattan Basket with Lid: Each basket is traditionally made with rattan by old sifus with their bare hand. Finished with elegant satin ribbon and mid autumn festival tag, the basket looks even stunning and elegant.
8. Handwritten Mid Autumn Greeting Card: Have some message to the recipient? No worries. We help you handwrite your message on the card. It is more authentic, genuine and heartfelt.

SPECIAL BUNDLE DEAL (Free gift will be delivered in the same order):
BUY 2 or 3 ‘Reunion’ Premium Mooncake Gift Sets and get ‘Prosperity’ Premium Pu Er Tea Cake x 1 for FREE*
BUY 4 and above ‘Reunion’ 明月寄相思 Premium Mooncake Gift Sets and get 1 x Traditional Plain Superbunny Mooncakes Gift Box which contains 8 pcs of plain bunny mooncakes 萌兔公仔饼 ( worth RM38 ) + ‘Prosperity’ Premium Pu Er Tea Cake x 1 for FREE*

*While stock last
*In a single bill

How long will it takes for the recipient to get the mooncake gift box?
All mooncake gift box is the pre-order basis. The recipient will start to receive it from 1st September onward.
Is it safe to ship my mooncake gift box?
Yes. The mooncake can last for 1 month under room temperature. Also, we included all the packaging accessories to secure your gift box. So, you may expect your recipient to receive a complete yet insta-looking gift set by the time they receive it.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

1. Red Jujube Mooncake
Ingredients: Sugar, Lotus, Mung Bean, Red Jujube, Oil.
2. Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake
Ingredients: Sugar, Lotus, Mung Bean, Purple Potato, Oil.
3. Black Sesame Single Yolk Mooncake
Ingredients: Sugar, Lotus, Mung Bean, Black Sesame, Oil.
4. Taro Single Yolk Mooncake
Ingredients: Sugar, Lotus, Mung Bean, Yam, Oil.


1. Delivery starts on 1st September 2021.
2. All the gifts and greeting will be put in the gift box. Each carefully curated and hand-wrapped box ships as a gift, with a handwritten note and no pricing information.
3. The gift box will be put into a carton box to protect the outer of the gift box. If the box is loose in the carton box, packaging accessories such as foam will be included to secure the gift box.
4. Seal the package and attach the airwaybill to dispatch. Please allow 2 to 6 business days on standard shipping In West Malaysia.


Colour: Actual colours may vary due to every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Cookies: Due to each mooncake is fully handmade, each batch of mooncake colour will be slightly different. There might be some crack on the plain Superbunny mooncake during the baking process. This is normal on baking delicious plain mooncake biscuits but we will try or best to minimise the crack.

Props: This gift does not include props used for the photoshoot.


  1. the mooncakes were flavourful and not too sweet, which is ideal for elders the rattan basket is really light and unsuitable for heavy items – it turned not being able to close properly. The team was superb in their response when I reached out to them.

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