Gromwell Root Body Butter by Mousse Handmade

Gromwell Root Body Butter by Mousse Handmade


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Gromwell Root Body Butter is a herbal whip made from purple gromwell root infused with extra virgin olive oil, Calendula infused with sweet almond oil, nourishing Shea Butter and Cocoa butter. It has the ability to heal wounds, soothe rashes and burns, and to rejuvenate and repair skin cells.
This product is a great natural alternative to prescriptions/steroid creams for sensitive skin, eczema prone skin, psoriasis and dry flaky skin. Our butter of creamy consistency is easily absorbed by the skin. The richness and high concentration of plant butters and oils will moisturize even very dry skin and make it more elastic.
The nourishing benefits of Gromwell Root Body Butter really are bountiful. It?s conveniently easy to spread making it ideal for a variety of purposes including an all over body butter, diaper rash, hand and foot cream, with stretch marks and dry, scaly or irritated skin.
Ingredients Highlights:
Purple Gromwell Root has been traditionally used for treating skin conditions due to their extraordinary healing and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties, which helps to reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes. Great for soothing burns, insect bites, inflammation and allergic skin.
Shea butter is high in vitamins A, E and F which help many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, cracked skin, inflamed skin and autoimmune conditions. It has a very soothing effect, especially for dry skin. It is also known for its positive contribution to the elasticity of the skin.
Calendula, a bright and beautiful flower, rich in beta carotene, vitamins and minerals. It has amazing skin healing properties, while also reducing pain and inflammation associated with skin and autoimmune disorders. It’s benefits to the skin are numerous, and is used to soothe burns, dry skin, and other conditions of the skin.
Vitamin E is a powerful healing essential to repairing the skin and is used to heal scars, dry skin, and many other skin conditions. It is also an antioxidant.
Gentle and suitable for adults and children with dry, sensitive, irritated skin prone to redness, eczema, dermatitis and problematic skin.
Apply as often as needed to the affected area to calm inflammation, soothe and repair the skin. It begins to clear active skin disruptions within 1 week of daily use.

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