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  • Premium Traditional Wedding Gift Box
    Premium Traditional Wedding Gift Box
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    Premium Traditional Wedding Gift Box (PRE-ORDER)

    *Please note that the pastries are made fresh daily. All-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Therefore, our pastries have a SHORT SHELF LIFE of 10 days. We recommend enjoying them within the recommended period for optimal freshness and taste. Now it's time to share the happy news! There's no better way for proud parents to announce the wedding than bridal pastries. Besides, they are filled with great flavour, joyful fun and a traditional dash of nostalgia.

    What's inside this Premium Traditional Wedding Gift Box:

    Red Bean Paste & Mung Bean Paste Chinese Traditional Wedding Pastry by Sin Teo Hiang x1 set (2 pcs) - Double Happiness Pastries are a proposal gift by the groom's family to the bride's family. Then, both families will announce the wedding to their relatives and friends. Moreover, wedding invitations along with these cakes are sent to symbolise marital bliss, prosperity, and longevity. Lao Po Bing by Sin Teo Hiang x1 - Wife's Cake! Soft pastry. Yet flaky, filled with blended winter melon and white sesame seeds. Walnut Cookies by Sin Teo Hiang x1 - The crumbly and the nutty cookies are full of walnut aroma. Also, it goes perfectly with a freshly brewed tea, or a cup of black coffee. Five Treasures Tea x1 - It is believed to promote energy, circulation, and tonify the liver. Moreover, it stimulates blood production, and to replenish "chi". The "Five Treasures" refer to the five main ingredients:
    • goji berries
    • jujube (a type of red date)
    • dried chrysanthemum flowers
    • rose flower tea
    • dried longan fruit.
    Honey Jar x1 - Adorned with a cute wooden honeycomb and personalised label. Kraft Box with Custom Premium Label and Card x1 - All of the items are painstakingly arranged in our 100% recyclable & reusable kraft box. Furthermore, a complimentary customised thank you card is included with the traditional wedding gift box. Also, personalise the wedding box label with an MOQ of 20 units. Just let us know in the form below. Don't worry! A mockup will be sent for approval before bulk print.


    20-50 boxes: RM49 each 51 - 100 boxes: RM45 each 101 boxes and above: RM39 each **Please place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance** Live chat with us here for more info. Size of box:30cm x 19.5cm x 8cm


    With Personalisation Option - Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included to perfect the proofs. Therefore, nothing will be printed without your approval. Additionally, orders placed less than two weeks before the delivery date are not eligible for artwork customisation. Moreover, pastries are pork free. However, non-halal.
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