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    Oh! Man Its Hype Time by A Little Thing - A Sleek, Black, Drinking Gift Set for Him.
    Full View - Oh! Man It's Hype Time Drinking Gift Box for His Anniversary, Birthday
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    Oh Man!

    This stylish, black-themed gift box makes a great present for a MANLY man. Especially for those who seek perfection in their life. Sometimes, it's hard to find the right gift. You'd be scratching your head trying to come up with one. Seems like they've got everything. It's more complicated when you don't know the type of drink he prefers. Hey, we're here for you. If he appreciates a great drink, smell, look and taste; this curated gift box is for them. Likewise, you can now brag how you've given him the time of his life. Oh, man..Can't wait to hear that one!

    What's inside Oh Man Drinks Up Hype Time:

    Skull Head Vodka (5cl) by Crystal Head x 1 - Great for collections among your drink. Using only the highest quality peaches and cream corn. Furthermore, it is:
    • distilled over four times to produce a neutral grain gluten-free spirit.
    • carefully blended with pristine crystal-clear water from Newfoundland, Canada.
    • then filtered some seven times. Whereby, three are through layers of semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.
    Isn't that amazing? It really isn't just a drink. The Crystal Head speaks for itself. Classic Connoisseurs Tonic Water by Fentimans x 1 - A delicate infusion of natural botanicals and quinine for a versatile tonic. All for a clean and balanced taste. Moreover, the delicate flavour profile amplifies the beautiful botanicals of premium spirits. Thus, letting it be the hero. It's an art of a drink. Light Tactical EDC Multi-Tool Card x 1 - What is EDC? It means EVERYDAY CARRY. Don't worry. Now, you know. It's a Swiss Army tool but in a much thinner and lighter form. You can't drink it, but it'll open up your beverages. It has up to 8 functions:
    • Firstly, a knife.
    • A screwdriver.
    • A compass.
    • And magnifier, to name a few.
    Most men love a simple and easy tool that could help them to solve their problems immediately. Isn't this so cool to have? Now, what's this got to do with a drink, anyways? Well, nothing. We just think it's awesome and handy to have!

    What else is inside?

    Crackle Case Phenomen Solid Cologne x 1 - The scent of deep woods. Phenomen features sandalwood & English oak with red berries. Thus, a complex yet inviting tone. All cased in our premium crackle case. Now, tougher and sleeker. Even the look of it is enticing, not to mention its smell. Look good and feel great while relishing your drink. Original Chocolate Chip Cookies by Famous Amos x 1 – These are the original chocolate crunchy cookies that are semi-sweet and flavourful. Moreover, baked with ingredients from renowned places to create that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. No wonder it's adored by cookie lovers all over. Remember, don't drink with an empty stomach. You'll thank us later! Golden Treasure Chest with Chocolate by Ferrero Rocher x 1 - Who can deny it? We certainly can't. Just one look at these chocolates in the golden treasure chest makes people happy. Black and gold look so good together. Have it with your drink. Even the manliest man needs some sweetness in their life. So, here's our beautiful gift to you! Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Additionally, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Moreover, a complimentary handwritten card is included with Oh Man Drinks Up Hype Time. Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm
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    Ready to Ship - Whiskey Time: Party Spirit
    Whiskey Time: Party Spirit - Full Set View
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    Whiskey Time

    Whiskey, as a concept, deserves more than the ordinary. And in that spirit, we've pulled out all the stops with this consciously curated gift. He'll be excited to play bartender courtesy of whiskey wedge glasses (goodbye, watered down). Coupled with stone ice cubes to keep the whiskey cold while not watering (thank you!). Then, a zester for the perfect finish and a few treats to pair. Drinking isn't just for partygoers. Sometimes, people prefer to have a drink or two just to wind down. Others even love it as a collection. There are even homes that have them as decors! Spirit bottles often come in meticulously intricate designs. Also, whiskeys aren't just liquor. The process and ingredients that goes into making them are amazing. So, let's take two and have a look.

    What's inside Whiskey Time: Party Spirit:

    Stone Ice Cube x 1 - Do you like ice cold drink but hate it when the ice start to melt in your drinks? Besides, it makes your drink tasteless (ugh!) Just put these into your fridge, wait for a few hours and pop into your drinks. Now, it's all cold without hassle. That's the spirit! *wink* Black Label 12 Years Old Whiskey (5cl) by Johnie Walker x 1 - Johnnie Walker Black Label is a true icon. Recognised as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland. Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Old 5cl miniature has an unmistakably smooth, deep character. Nothing like a good spirit. Old No.7 Black Label (5cl) by Jack Daniel x 1 - This JD's Black Label offers a quick, sweet finish. This spirit offers nice oaky notes, some spices and a touch of cedar. Mingled with a warm caramel finish that hints of white pepper and walnuts. The licorice itself lends a nice background taste. Thus, not overwhelming to the point where you cannot taste the other flavors. When you taste the whiskey, you have to take your time to savor it. Sit down and think about the flavours appearing on the palate. You will indeed be surprised by this spirit. There's complexity and depth hidden under the blanket of whisky vanilla at the front of the palate.

    What else is inside?

    Original Chocolate Chip Cookies by Famous Amos x 1 – Original chocolate chip cookies, baked into the classic crunchy cookies you crave. Using semi-sweet chocolate chips and flavourful ingredients from the most renowned places in the world. Hence, creating that melt-in-your-mouth sensation adored by cookie lovers. Ice Tong x 1 - An elegant rose gold tweezer used especially to grip ice. Besides, useful for more than preparing spirits and other drinks. Keep those hands safe! Whiskey Glasses x 2 - Nothing makes a spirit taste even better with the original premium whiskey glass. They are just meant to be with each other. Ever seen those movies where they'd whisk their glasses before drinking? Certainly gets you into the mood. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Additionally, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Moreover, a complimentary handwritten card is included with your Whiskey Time: Party Spirit. Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm
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