Curate A Gift

Every curated gift box creates a lasting connection with that special person in your life by showing how much you cherish them. Let us help you make the best out of each gifting by selecting the right hand-made goods personalised in a gorgeous luxe packaging plus your hand-crafted note. All you have to do is:


Choose Item

Choose from our collection of high-quality, hand-crafted items from all over the world. You may mix and match items freely based on the recipient’s personality.


Select Colour

We have 2 different colours of premium luxe packaging. Whether you are looking for a natural shade or a cool colour tone – we’ve got it covered.


Write Your Message

Send us what you’d like to be written on your hand-crafted note and choose from our variety of unique note designs.

Yes, it’s that easy. We are pretty sure these 3 elements (gift, packaging, and message) will make the perfect and thoughtful gift for your loved one. You may sit back and relax. We will ship your surprise on your behalf.
So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to start building a box especially for him/her!

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