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    ‘Reminisce’ Premium Mooncake Gift Set 众心伴月(Zhòng xīn bàn yuè)精美中秋礼盒

    Pre Order Now. Delivery starts from 29th August 2022 ‘Reminisce’ Premium Gift Set 众心伴月 (Zhòng xīn bàn yuè) 精美中秋礼盒 The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Mooncake Festival, a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. We had that moment when a childhood memory would bring a smile to our faces. ‘Reminisce’ 众心伴月 (Zhòng xīn bàn yuè) is inspired by that exact moment. We intend to worship the moon during the mid-autumn season because the moon reminds people of their families and homelands and wishes them well. This leads to the symbolism of the Koi fish in the picture of family harmony and longevity. Of course, mooncakes shouldn’t be left out during the moon-viewing during this festival! Send a ‘Reminisce’ gift set to your loved ones during the mid-autumn festival and let them know you think of them sincerely from the heart! Each mooncake is carefully handmade and crafted by a local Sifu who serves four colourful, contemporary yet authentic mooncakes for you to gift to your loved ones! What is inside? “工作称心” 黑芝麻精美月饼 ‘Best wishes for a career’, Black Sesame Single Yolk Mooncake (80g) x 1: Savour the delicate sweetness of black sesame paste filling and the grainy yet creamy salted egg yolk in the perfectly baked white skin mooncake. “生活开心” 单黄翡翠精美月 ‘Stay happy’, Pandan Lotus with Yolk Mooncake (80g) x 1: Considered by some to be the original and most luxurious mooncake filling, lotus paste filling is found in all types of mooncakes, giving you the natural preserved taste of pandan flavour. “团圆温心” 绿茶精美月饼 ‘Reunion’, Green Tea Mooncake (80g) x 1: Enjoy a new popular variety of blended tastes of green tea and mooncake. With the taste of the refreshing green tea, the sweet and rich taste of mooncake is well balanced. As tea and mooncakes are among some of the most traditional foods for the Chinese, why not try them both in one way! “爱情舒心” 单黄 红豆精美月饼 ‘Love is in the air’, Red Bean Mooncake (80g) x 1: Traditional mooncake taste of red bean with the gorgeous colour of pink noble delight mooncake gives you a new experience of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with a new mooncake look. Reusable and biodegradable Eco-friendly Bamboo Steamer x 1: Bamboo is a well-loved and popular material that is used for a variety of products.  It’s best for steaming dumplings, cooking vegetables, or making the traditional Chinese dish known as dim sum. The best way to enjoy more dishes is during the mid-autumn festival. A little Koi “小鱼儿” 公仔饼/香化饼 Plain Mooncake x 1: Plain Mooncake/Gong Zai Bing is a famous local snack for a Mid-Autumn Festival meal. Koi fish mooncakes represent fame, family harmony, and longevity. Aren’t they adorable just by looking at them? The packaging is also a bamboo steamer. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Greeting Card x 1: Send your mid-autumn wishes to family & friends! We hand write your message on the card to make it more authentic and heartfelt. Buy 1 with RM138 (Regular price = RM188. Save RM50 for Pre Order) Buy 5 with RM118 (Save RM70)
    Original price was: RM188.00.Current price is: RM138.00.
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    Original price was: RM188.00.Current price is: RM138.00.

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