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    Coffee O'Clock
    Coffee O'Clock
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    Coffee O’Clock

    Know someone who can't start their day without their favourite cup of coffee? We're certain you could name a few. So, this gift box is perfect for coffee lovers and enthusiasts alike. It's even perfect as an anniversary gift. Likewise, for anyone who adores coffee, really. We can't wait for you to see how excited they are to receive such a thoughtful gift! Besides, it has all the necessary accessories one would need to brew their beloved coffee. Ready, set, brew!

    What's inside Coffee OClock:

    Manual Coffee Grinder x 1 - Modeled after professional barista equipment and made of 304 stainless steel. It is simple and effortless. Just place coffee beans in the top container. Then, turn the handle to grind. The high-quality conical ceramic burrs ensures:
    • consistent grind
    • easy cleaning
    • minimal static
    Gooseneck Spout Kettle x 1 - A must-have for any tea or coffee enthusiast. Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate control. Hence, it provides a smooth, steady flow of hot water. Not only that, but it also has ergonomic handle and design. Nothing short of a comfortable grip and effortless pouring. You'd feel like a coffee connoisseur after this one. Okay, at least a barista. Therefore, ensuring every cup is a work of art. Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Mug x 1 - Designed for everyday use and backcountry excursions. So, this aluminium alloy mug can be used for cooking or warming. Its foldable handles allow compact storage and is built to last. Besides, it is:
    • food grade
    • lightweight
    • anti-rust
    Imagine drinking coffee outdoors in this. Now that's stylish. Collapsible Coffee Drip x 1 - Made of 304 stainless steel. It is inspired by traditional pour-over coffee set-ups. The cone-shaped drip accommodates finer grounds. Furthermore, it is compatible with:
    • Chemex.
    • Hario V60 filters.
    It ensures a delicious cup of coffee brew at home or outdoors. Moreover, fold it flat for easy storage when not in use. Talk about convenience! Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - Our premium gift box houses all items. Additionally, a refined satin ribbon is added for a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Also, the set comes with a complimentary handwritten card.
    Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm Disclaimer: The leaf deco shown is for illustration purposes only. It is not included in the gift set.
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    Dapper Dude the Ultimate Grooming Kit
    Dapper Dude the Ultimate Grooming Kit
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    Dapper Dude


    The ultimate grooming kit!

    Unleash the power of suave with this extraordinary collection of grooming goodies with Dapper Dude. This is the ultimate birthday gift box for any man in your life. So, it is a perfect choice for:
    • groomsmen
    • male corporate clients
    • fathers
    • brothers
    • friends
    • co-workers
    • employees
    Dapper Dude ultimate grooming kit unlocks suave and style for any gentleman in your life. This gift box turns grooming into an adventure. 

    What’s inside Dapper Dude:

    Project Moonstone Facial Cleanser by Hercule x 1 - Malachite Extract is a powerful antioxidant. So, it detoxifies and shields your skin from environmental aggressors. Besides, it soothes and smooths even the most sensitive skin. Plus, its subtle and calming scent is derived naturally from plant extracts. Crackle Case Phenomen Solid Cologne by Analogue Apotik x 1 - It captures the scent of deep woods. Intoxicating, warm and a bit spicy. Moreover, Phenomen features sandalwood & English oak with red berries. Also, its casing is tough and sleek. Even the design and style are masculine, not to mention its smell. Travel Sized Hair Pomade by Mentega x 1 -The Mentega Jr is an oil and wax-based pomade. It has a firm hold with medium shine. Additionally, it is travel friendly. Therefore, easier to style your hair anytime and anywhere.

    This gift set also has:

    Wooden Double Edge Safety Razor by Seedy x 1 - Razor made of beech wood and stainless steel material. They are environmentally friendly, sustainable and full of style. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Detachable blades design reduces water residue and prevent bacterial growth. Ultra Absorbent Air-Loop Cotton Face Towel by Akemi x 1 -Engineered with Air-Loop Technology. It features zero twist yarns with the use of naturally strong cotton fibres. Thus, the towel is highly absorbent. Besides, it is incredibly plush. A fine addition to the ultimate grooming kit! Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 -All Dapper Dude items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Plus, a refined satin ribbon as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Additionally, a complimentary handwritten card will be enclosed with your gift box. Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm Disclaimer: The leaf deco shown is for illustration purposes only. Therefore, it is not included in the gift box.
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