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    ‘JOY’ Christmas Gift Set

    📢Pre Order: Delivery starts from 10th December 2021 onwards. Celebrate this Christmas with JOY and share JOY with your friends and family. JOY Christmas Gift Set is specially curated for this year's Christmas. Do you know this set is available for a super limited quantity? You can build your mini Christmas Tree easily🎄 with this little kit. Each gift set has 5 boxes that contain gender-friendly and functional gifts inside. Enclosed with a giant Christmas card that serves as a greeting card🖊 and acts as a background for the mini Christmas Tree and gifts. To spread the JOY of Christmas, you may display on your office desk, home etc🎄 What’s inside?
    1. Festive Christmas Character Cookies x 6🍪 – Christmassy flavours abound in these cute cinnamon and chocolate flavour character cookies. They are not only adorable to look at, they are also deliciously sweet and crunchy.
    2. Potpourri Kit x 1 set🍁 (Including dried flower, spices, wooden log, and essential oil) – What could be more relaxed than having a perfumed space this Christmas? Just place the dried flowers and spices on the wooden log. Simply add a few drops of essential oil, and enjoy the amazing scent!
    3. Christmas Tree Boxes x 5: These boxes are specially designed for small gifts. They are also a Christmas tree when stacking together. It is the perfect small décor for your office desk and home.
    4. Giant Christmas Card🎅 x 1 : This Christmas card serves as a greeting card and the Christmas backdrop for the Christmas Tree.
    5. Instruction Guide📖 x 1: We do not leave your recipient clueless with what they get. This guide includes instructions to use the potpourri and giant Christmas card.
    6. Christmas Ornaments Decor & Box x 1: All of the gift items and Christmas ornaments are painstakingly arranged in the Christmas Themed gift box. A red paper bag is inclusive!
    Grab it now and spread JOY to the world. ❤️
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