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  • Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box
    Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box
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    Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box (PRE-ORDER)

    *Please note that the pastries are made fresh daily. All-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Therefore, the pastries in our Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box have a SHORT SHELF LIFE of 10 days. We recommend enjoying them within the recommended period for optimal freshness and taste.

    Traditional wedding must-haves:

    Bamboo steamer baskets are an extremely useful kitchen tool with a history going back thousands of years. With roots in traditional Chinese cuisine, there’s no better way for parents to proudly announce the wedding. Bridal pastries with great flavour and joyful fun! Moreover, it is wrapped in a red ribbon as a symbol of good wishes for the wedding day. A traditional Chinese wedding set-up in modern days like this is incredibly sweet. It relives the many tales of classic, endless love stories. Just like the history behind Lao Gong Bing and Lao Po Bing. Likewise, the tale of how Guo Da Li came to be. The stories aren't related, but they have one thing in common. The sincerity of love.  It's so heartwarming. Our betrothal gift is only one part of the culture-rich traditional Guo Da Li ceremony. Therefore, announce your wedding with our traditional wedding gift set. Let it be the opening to your new chapter. So, share the happy news with a Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box!

    Vintage Bamboo Wedding Gift Box:

    Lao Gong Bing by Sin Teo Hiang x 1 - Husband's cake! Layers of crispy pastry sprinkled with sesame. It's the saltier version of Lao Po Bing. Complementary pastries. Legend has it that a lady baked and sold these to fund her childhood sweetheart's government office examination. Thanks to her efforts, he partook the test. Thus, breaking their poverty dilemma after he became a high-ranking official. Love truly does triumph above all. Isn't that sweet? Lao Po Bing by Sin Teo Hiang x 1 - Wife’s cake or sweetheart cake! Soft yet flaky pastry that is filled with blended winter melon and white sesame seeds. If Lao Gong Bing is salty, then this one's sweet! The story goes such that while the couple didn't have material means - their love for each other was boundless. The wife sold herself to provide medication for her husband's ill father. Afterwards, the husband sold these sweet cakes in her memory. Word caught on and more people started buying them. With perseverance, he was able to get her out of slavery. Moreover, the husband no longer struggled to purchase his father's medicine. Melts our hearts every time.

    What's more?

    Red Bean Paste & Mung Bean Paste Chinese Traditional Wedding Pastry by Sin Teo Hiang x 1 set (2 pcs) - Double Happiness Pastries are a traditional proposal gift from the groom to the bride’s family. After, both families will make the wedding announcement to their relatives and friends. Then, wedding invitations are sent along these meaningful cakes. They symbolise marital bliss, prosperity, and longevity. Double Happiness is a classic congratulatory symbol of marriage for the Chinese. It means twice the happiness. Therefore, wishing luck, fortune, and growth in doubles. The history dates back to Tang Dynasty. A fateful couple placed double xi (happiness) characters on a red paper against the wall during their ceremony. Since then, it became customary to include this symbol in wedding gifts. Five Treasures Tea x 1 - According to traditional Chinese believes, it promotes energy, circulation, and tonify the liver. Also, it stimulates blood production, and to replenish “chi”. There are different variations, but of the same purpose. Moreover, the “Five Treasures” refer to the five main ingredients:
    • goji berries
    • jujube (a type of red date)
    • dried chrysanthemum flowers
    • rose flower tea
    • dried longan fruit

    What else is inside?

    Honey Jar x 1 - Adorned with a cute wooden honeycomb and personalised label. It is a symbol of how sweet this occasion is. Furthermore, honey is nature's super food. Known best for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Also, it nourishes yin energy according to traditional Chinese medicine. Such a sweet addition to an already wonderful occasion. Kraft Box with Custom Premium Label and Card x 1 - All items are painstakingly arranged in our 100% recyclable & reusable bamboo box. Furthermore, a complimentary customised thank you card is included in this traditional Chinese wedding gift box. Additionally, wedding box label personalisation is available with an MOQ of 20 units. Just let us know in the form below. Don't worry! A mockup will be sent for approval before bulk print.


    • 20-50 boxes: RM79 each
    • 51 - 100 boxes: RM69 each
    • 101 boxes and above: RM59 each
    **Please place your order at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance** Live chat with us here for more info. Size of box:30cm x 30cm x 10cm


    With Personalisation Option - Two revision rounds are included to perfect the proofs. Therefore, nothing will be printed without your approval. Additionally, orders placed less than two weeks before the delivery date are not eligible for artwork customisation. Moreover, pastries are pork free. However, non-halal. 
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