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    Prank Potato Snake Chip

    It looks like a common potato chips barrel, but when you open it, a simulation snake will jump out from the can by surprise, giving you or someone whom you wish to prank a big scare and joyful moments!
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    Coffee Moka Pot Set: Morning Kick
    Moka Pot Coffee Set: Morning Kick
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    Morning Kick

    Feel a unique experience with our Morning Kick. Fancy it in an authentic Italian way. You can't deny how irresistible it is once you brew it yourself. The need and love for coffee is no joke. Why do you think there are coffee enthusiasts all around the world? Well, we're about to find out! One must understand the beauty of coffee to understand why it's such a delightful process. Aside from the right coffee bean, you'll need the appropriate tools to extract it. Here comes the Moka coffee pot. Extracting sensational tastes has never been simpler. You could feel your tastebuds tingle! So, change up your coffee routine with this sleek gift set. It's beautifully curated, and perfect for special occasions. Besides, it looks undoubtedly professional! With coffee? Sensational!

    So, what's inside this coffee-licious gift?

    Moka Pot Coffee Maker x 1 - Moka Pot is known as a tool to extract espresso coffee in Europe and Latin American countries. Love strong coffee but not quite similar to espresso? Say goodbye to your barista because they won't be seeing you for a while. Looks like you're about to brew your own from now on! Also, if you're not sure on how to use it, simply refer to the included manual. You'll be a pro in no time. With this, you can explore coffee in a new light. How exciting! Coffee Powder by Carnarvon x 1 - Clean, bright and hope. How we love this fresh and deliciously handmade roasted coffee powder. Since it's a coterie blend - it comes with a perfect combination of taste notes. Full-bodied, yet with a balanced aftertaste. Thus, serving you the greatest taste of coffee that you've ever had! A sip of coffee is enough to give you hope and brighten up your life. Sometimes, that's really the only push we need.

    What else is in it?

    Solid Silver Coffee Cup x 1 - This retro Milan matte silvery coffee cup is:
    • made of high-quality stainless-steel.
    • safe and healthy.
    Moreover, isn't it aesthetically pleasing? Classy, at that. Also, the coffee spoon and saucer complete the entire look. So, you could enjoy your morning coffee with style. It'll be your favourite for sure. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All of the gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Moreover, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Furthermore, a complimentary handwritten card is included with this coffee-filled gift. Size of box: 33cm x 27cm x 12cm
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