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    Eid Mubarak Gift Set and Raya Gift Box 2024 - Riuh Raya Bersama A Little Thing
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    Riuh Raya 2024 Raya Gift Box

    Get loud this Raya with Riuh Raya! Experience the joy of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2024 with our unique theme of 'Riuh Raya'. It means ‘let’s make some noise’ and celebrate together. No Raya is ever quiet. Not with all those firecrackers and bunga api. Don't just sit there. Come on in with the fun! So, this year - we're bringing back the nostalgia of traditional Malaysian folk game. Immerse yourself in the spirit of togetherness. Bond over our hand-sewn five stones, known as batu seremban in Bahasa Malaysia. It brings families and friends together in friendly competition and laughter. Therefore, allowing you to experience the beauty of tradition with your loved ones. Let's make some noise and create cherished memories this Hari Raya Aidilfitri with Eminent's 'Riuh Raya' theme!

    What's Inside Riuh Raya gift box?

    Gold Mug x1 - Forget about gold coins. This shiny mug is the real treasure in our Hari Raya gift set! Crafted with a touch of Midas magic, it's the perfect vessel to sip away to Raya riches. So, savour a brew fit for a king or indulge in a cuppa with a side of laughter. Additionally, it adds a splash of sparkle to your celebrative festivities. Moreover, add it as a display when not in use. This golden treasure is a fine piece of decor. What a way to celebrate Raya! Sweet Honey Jar x1 - Behold the mini sweet honey jar, the pint-sized powerhouse of sweetness in our Hari Raya gift set! This tiny jar packs a punch that's sweeter than a Raya feast with your nosy relatives. It's like a tiny treasure trove of liquid gold, ready to turn any snack into a sweet sensation. Let laughter flow as freely as the honey! Handmade Batu Seremban Set x1 - Experience the rhythm of ancient play with batu seremban. This traditional game will test your dexterity and coordination. Some of us got into trouble at school for it. Oops! Furthermore, it is made using selected good quality batik cotton fabric. Thus, allowing you to play in style and comfort. Moreover, it is handmade by a local Malaysian artist. Also includes:
    • the history of batu seremban
    • playing instructions
    So, don't worry if you're not sure how to play it. You're welcome!

    What else is inside?

    Flower Tea Tube - Rose x1 - Who needs a bouquet when you can have a bouquet of tea? The floral fiesta in our Hari Raya gift set that's blooming with flavor and fun! So, take a sip. Soon, you'll be transported to a garden party where the flowers dance and tea leaves sing. Aside from being an eye-candy, it has no caffeine. Goodbye black tea! Here's to sipping, smiling, and enjoying every petal-powered sip this Hari Raya! Handwritten Raya Themed Greeting Card x1 - Say it with heart this Raya season with our handwritten Raya themed greeting card. Personalise it with your heartfelt wishes. Remember, personalisation brings heartfelt connections. Therefore, bond over Raya. One small step is all it takes. Get ready to warm hearts and spread joy. Don’t settle for a bland message when you can make it special with ours. Riuh Raya Kraft Box x1 - Forget about your lost keys or missed calls. This Raya, we're reuniting what was lost, reconnecting what was missed, and rekindling what was lapsed. All in one charming box! Inside, a treasure trove of delights awaits to restart the beloved traditions right at the heart of your Raya celebrations. From sweet treats to festive surprises, this box is packed with enough joy to make even your nosy Auntie Nora crack a smile. Besides, who needs a time machine when there's a box full of nostalgia to transport you back to the good old days? So, let the Raya reunion begin!
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