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Ah, Nutella. The ever-popular chocolate hazelnut spread that many adore all across the globe. There are many ways to enjoy it. What’s for sure is that it brings happiness!

You can now share this joy in its mini form! With just one look, we can guarantee that people are in awe by how small and adorable it is. It’s the same chocolatey goodness, but fun-sized!

Our door gift is customisable. The tag that goes along with our Nutella personalisation looks as if it’s part of the real thing. Your guests would love this sweet, yet convenient favour. Plenty of fun to go around for everyone!

  • Jar of Nutella
    Custom Tag and Personalisation
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    Jar of Nutella 25g

    This little jar of Nutella (25g) is a definite heart-stealer! Everyone's favorite decadent chocolate dessert spread. It will (obviously) make deliciously unique wedding favours, and door gifts. You can sweeten the look by personalising the labels on it (that looks like it came together with the real thing!). Sweet!

    With this sweet, small chocolate spread, you can:

    • Firstly, charm younger guests instantly
    • Then, have extra fun with door gifts
    • Lastly, create an absolutely Instagrammable moment!
    So, get ready to be fawned over with this mini jar of Nutella! Furthermore, small does not mean less. This custom door gift is sure to leave the guests with lots to say. And by that, we mean all things sweet. Wink, wink. Let's not forget that it's easy to carry. That's already a plus point since your guests wouldn't feel troubled to carry it around. We just love small things. Don't you? Moreover, special price start from 200 units and above. Furthermore, we'll personalise your sweet, small chocolate jar of Nutella label for you with an MOQ of 20 units. Just let us know what you want to personalise in the form below. Don't worry! We will send a mockup for you for approval before bulk print. Note: With Personalisation Option - Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included to perfect the proofs. Nothing will be printed without your approval. However, orders placed less than two weeks before the delivery date are not eligible for artwork customisation. ***A minimum order of 20 units and above

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