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    Chinese New Year 2024 - Auspicious Rolling in Riches
    Chinese New Year 2024 - Rolling in Riches - Wheel of Fortune
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    Rolling in Riches 财源滚滚 : 2024 龙年礼盒

    A Little Thing presents a fortune filled gift box: Rolling in Riches Pre Order Now. Delivery starts from 8th January 2024 Money and wealth hold great value in Chinese culture. Especially when they're intertwined with the concept of good luck. And guess what? It's considered super polite to sprinkle money vibes into New Year greetings. Money makes the world go around. So, let's ride the train to wealth! Likewise, 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' translates to 'wish you enlarge your wealth'. It is a common phrase that the Chinese use during the Chinese New Year. While cultures worldwide celebrate new year, the Chinese stand out by greeting each other with these money-related phrases. All during their grandest festival of the year. It's such a beautiful celebration that we can't wait to share with you!

    Ever wondered why the Chinese have such a love affair with money?

    Well, now you know. No longer a mystery, right? Therefore, in celebration of this cultural aspect, step into the whirlwind of wealth with our 'Rolling in Riches' New Year gift box! So, open the box and unlock continuous good fortune. In which wealth flows endlessly like rolling rivers. Now, that's a river we'd all love. Besides, beyond just a box - it's a luck-filled treasure trove adorned with the charm of a lucky wheel. It symbolises everlasting affluence. So, spin the wheel to uncover a myriad of lucks. Each one a delightful twist leading to a world of good fortune and boundless riches! It's like playing Wheel of Fortune. You'll never know what you'll get! Now's your chance to join in the endless rain of blessings. And we can't do so without some snacks along the way. Not to mention comforting and soothing tea. Everything you'll need to celebrate this beautiful year is here. So, without further ado, let's dive in.

    What’s inside this fortune laden gift box:

    Fortune Cookies 幸运饼干 x 5 – A kind word has the power to encourage, motivate, and give strength. Especially to those who can’t find it in themselves. So, snap into the fun with our Fortune Cookies! Moreover, these little wonders hold secret messages to brighten your day and enlighten your path. Just a heads-up: we can't babysit the fortune cookies during their wild shipping adventures. We can't promise their pristine condition once they're on the move! Roasted Tie Guan Yin Tea Premium Pack 炭焙浓香铁观音茗茶 x 2 – The Iron Goddess of Mercy. A homonymous cultivar grown in Anxi, Fujian province. This cultivar gives the tea a typical creaminess and floral hue. It can be immediately felt at first sip. Thus, perfect for low-roasted Wulong tea lovers to try a higher roasting's warming sensation. When infused, it offers an intense aroma of baked goods and toasted nuts. Plus, it's rich and has a mellow flavour. It's delightfully silky smooth. Nothing like a good cup of tea! Endless Prosperity Pouch “币”定发财 x 1 – Discover the Ultimate Duo of Fortune! Unveil the 'Prosperity Coin 开运金币' nestled among an abundance of 'Chocolate Gold Coins金币巧克力' within the pouch. The 'Prosperity Coin' promises endless luck. Meanwhile the delectable 'Chocolate Gold Coins' sweeten every moment with richness and prosperity. So, embrace the fusion of fortune and delight. Celebrate a year of sweet success and boundless abundance!

    What else is inside this blessing box?

    Blessings Chopsticks “福”筷 x 1 – 福字筷尾,福气满满 the word '福' (meaning 'blessings') at the end of chopsticks signifies a container of full blessings. In ancient times, chopsticks were called '箸' (zhù), with the '福' character at the end. It is homophonous with 'blessings'. Having gone through thousands of years of civilization, chopsticks are an indispensable part of Chinese culinary culture. Life truly is a blessing itself. Handwritten CNY Greeting Scroll 如意小卷轴 x 1 – These tiny scrolls carry big wishes. Folding away luck, joy, and prosperity within their elegant coils. Moreover, each scroll whispers ancient blessings. Therefore, infusing your celebrations with the spirit of renewal and fortune. So, let these petite messengers bring a touch of whimsicality and a cascade of good wishes to your festive moments! Share your warmest blessings and heartfelt wishes with this delightful tiny scroll. Small things are always cute, right? Please note that the scroll's message is not included unless specified. Therefore, kindly inform us to add a personalised handwritten message!

    Lastly, we present to you:

    Rolling in Riches Keepsake Box 财源滚滚 x 1 – This box draws inspiration from the time-honoured tradition of Kau Chim. Therefore, blending the concept of the fortune wheel into a contemporary experience. A little something traditional for timeless look. The best of both worlds. Kau chim, or 求签 (Qiúqiān) in Chinese, refers to the practice of fortune telling or seeking guidance. This is done by selecting a random oracle or fortune sticks. These are usually found in temples or shrines. Furthermore, it involves shaking a cylindrical container containing numbered sticks until one falls out. The selected stick will have a corresponding numbered slip of paper. Why is this important? Well, it contains a verse, prophecy, or guidance for the person seeking answers. Also, it is often referred to as "lottery poetry". This is due to the poetic or rhyming nature of the guidance provided. Talk about luck and artistry! *We will provide a free gift to customers whose order number includes the digit 8, while stocks last!
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