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    Ready to Ship - Kopitiam Chronicles
    Kopitiam Chronicles: A Malaysian Affair
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    Kopitiam Chronicles: A Malaysian Affair

    Remember the catchy phrase: Malaysia, Truly Asia? Well, you're in for a ride. It will charm you with just one look. Kopitiam Chronicles: A Malaysian Affair is one you won't want to miss. Step into the heart of Malaysia with our curated gift set that weave together the rich tapestry of its culture and flavors. This isn't just a gift. It's a passport to a world of tradition and delight. Harmony and togetherness. Moreover, rich in culture. That's what Malaysia is all about. Savor the flavors and admire the artistry. A shower of tales hidden in each item. Hence, embracing the culture that defines Malaysia. Showcase how proud you are of our country with this gift box. Moreover, it is corporate gifting ready! So, share its beauty with this culture rich gift set!

    So, what's inside this culture-rich gift set?

    Kopitiam Cup and Saucer Set x 1 - Visitors all around the globe can attest to one thing. Malaysians love to lepak (hang out) at a Kopitiam (and Mamak stalls!). Each sip is a journey to the bustling coffee shops of Malaysia. This is where stories are shared, and friendships are forged over aromatic brews. Thus, the heart of Kopitiam Chronicles: A Malaysian Affair! Homemade Pandan Kaya Spread (270g) by Oriental x 1 - Discover the enchanting flavors of Malaysia with our homemade Pandan Kaya spread. It symbolises a culture with its favourite go-to snack! It's a jar:
    • of pure love.
    • rich in tradition.
    • filled with warmth of home.
    So, slather it on toast and let your taste buds dance with joy. We can taste it already! Handmade Batu Seremban Set x 1 - This was the game to play in classrooms (oops!) It is a traditional game that will test your dexterity and coordination.  Ours are made using selected good quality batik cotton for extra comfort. Moreover, it is handmade by a local artist. So, thank you for supporting Malaysian artistry! Not only that, it makes for an eye-catching decor as well.

    Also, the History of Batu Seremban and playing instruction note are included.

    Batik Charm Pouch x 1 - Carry your treasures in a pouch that celebrates Malaysia's batik heritage. Malaysian batik often depicts ornate floral patterns. Thus, it is a fusion of art and practicality. Just like the spirit of this vibrant nation. It's also a fashion statement. Catches attention like no other. Now, you can bring our home with you! Wood Veneer Bookmark - Kebaya Bougainvillea by Le Treez x 1 - Open the pages of your favorite book and slip into the elegance of Malaysia's Kebaya tradition. Likewise, there's much to adore about it. From its exquisite engraving to its beautiful finish. A charming beauty indeed. Furthermore, Le Treez's wood veneer bookmark is:
    • adorned with Bougainvillea motif
    • a reminder of grace and beauty
    • reminiscent of Malaysian culture
    Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Plus, a refined satin ribbon for a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Moreover, a complimentary handwritten card will be enclosed with your gift. Remarks: Batik Charm Pouch and Handmade Batu Seremban Set comes in random design in our Kopitiam Chronicles: A Malaysian Affair gift set.
    Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm
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