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    Send some sweetness to someone's life, perhaps your HONEY? Enjoy the 100% pure honey while enjoying pandan coconut bites. Life is sweet and simple:) What's inside: 100% Pure & Organic Melaleuca Honey by Giant B x 1 - Melaleuca Honey is 100% natural honey that collected by bees from the nectar of the Melaleuca flowers. I'M NUTTY 'Pandan Coconut' Mix Nuts by Amazin'Graze x 1 - Buttery pecans, rustic almonds & creamy cashews candied in a coconut-infused glaze and 100% natural fragrant pandan leaves. Inspired by rich, smooth kaya and the many kuihs that use pandan and coconut as a flavourful base! Honey Soap x 1 - Isn't this honeycomb shaped soap too cute to use? And I can tell you it smell real honey too! Gold Mug x 1 - This showpiece of unique craftsmanship of this gold coated porcelain mug will add style class and serve as a decoration on your table. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All of the gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. A refined satin ribbon will be daintily added as a finishing touch so your gift is ready to be gifted. A complimentary handwritten card will be enclosed with your gift. Size of box: 18cm x 18cm x 9.5cm
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