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    Eco-go-Closer to Nature - Wheat Cutlery
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    Portable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set


    Portable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

    The next time you're out and about, or on a picnic preparing to eat - look at your cutlery. There's a healthier option. This portable and eco-friendly wheat straw cutlery set:
    • is lightweight
    • compact, and thus does not take up much space
    So, what's to know about this handy cutlery? Well, it is the wheat grains' leftover stalks after a harvest. Traditionally regarded as a waste. However, these stalks still have value. But why the hassle? It might be obvious. Yet it still catches people by surprise. Wheat straws:
    • are better for the environment
    • favours your health in the long run
    • deters you from consuming microplastics!
    Wheat straws aren't a 100% perfectly sustainable option. Nonetheless, they are definitely superior to plastic counterparts. Microplastics exist almost everywhere. Hence, the next best thing to do is to hinder. Our body does not need the added stress. Therefore, try this healthier, eco-friendly wheat straw cutlery set instead! Note:
    • With Personalisation Option - Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included to perfect the proofs. Therefore, nothing will be printed without your approval.
    • However, orders placed less than two weeks before the delivery date are not eligible for artwork customisation.
    ***A minimum order of 20 units and above

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