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    Christmas Gift for Him

    It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go. It's never easy to buy man gifts. Most of the men love cool gadgets which easily cost thousand or there is simply not much option to buy a decent gift for a man. We keep buying the same thing for our boyfriend, husband, brother, etc, and to be frank, it is getting boring. This year, we hear you and we have a box that almost no men can resist. ***Get a LIMITED EDITION CHOCOMALLOW MUG SET* 50 SETS ONLY worth RM128 for FREE when your purchase over net RM388 with 1 or more Christmas Series or/and other Ready to Ship Gift Boxes. Grab it now!*** What's inside?

    Digital Thermal Flask x 1:This is a smart thermal flask with a digital LED display made of high-quality stainless steel material for long-lasting and durable use. Most important, it looks cool!

    EDC Multi-Tool Card x 1: What is EDC? It means EVERYDAY CARRY. The EDC Multi-Tool Card is a swiss army tool but in a much thinner and lighter form. It has up to 8 functions such as a knife, screwdriver, compass, magnifier, etc. Most men love a simple and easy tool that could help them to solve their problems when they need to. Isn't this so cool to have?

    Travel Sized Hair Pomade by Mentega x 1: A gentleman must-have for perfect hair! Looks like butter; feels like butter. The Mentega Jr is an oil and wax-based pomade, designed to be your hair's daily diary. It's small, light, and easy to carry wherever you may go.

    Gingie The Gingerman Soap by Wunderbath x 1:Who says a man can't be pampered? It's definitely ok to get him a Gingie shower this Christmas. Gingie will make the perfect Christmas gift. Yummy delectable scent but best not eaten ;)

    Crackle Case Phenomen Solid Cologne x 1: Capturing the scent of the deep woods, Phenomen features sandalwood & English oak with red berries. This scent is in a class of its own with complexity yet inviting tone. All cased in our premium crackle case that is tougher and sleeker. Even the look of it make people wanting more, not to mention its smell.

    Christmas Greeting Ball x 1: A Christmas ornament on your tree as well as a greeting card for your loved one. If they don't have a Christmas tree, no worries. Let's send some love to them by giving them a mini Christmas tree which we include inside the ball. We even help handwrite your message on the card.
    Christmas Ornaments Decor & Keepsake Box x 1: All of the gift items and Christmas ornaments are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. A refined gold satin ribbon and Christmas ornaments are daintily added as a finishing touch so your gift is ready to be gifted. For this Christmas season special, we help you to engrave your loved one name on the box. I promise he/she will love it!

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