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    Lebaran Gift Set and Gift Box 2024 - Riang & Riuh Raya Keriangan Berganda with A Little Thing
    Riang Raya 2024 Gift Box Close-up by A Little Thing for your Memorable Eid & Lebaran
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    Riang Raya 2024 Raya Gift Box

    At the heart of every Hari Raya celebration lies the essence of togetherness. Cherished bonds are rekindled, and old traditions come alive once more. Our Riang Raya Gift Set encapsulates this spirit of reunion. Thus, offering a delightful ensemble of treats that promises to bring joy and warmth to your festivities. Unveil the treasures of tradition with our elegant gold mug. Perfect for savoring moments of shared laughter and heartfelt conversations. Moreover, indulge in the rich flavors of our mini sweet dodol. A beloved classic that evokes memories of yesteryears with every bite. Discover the golden delights tucked within our golden treasure chest. Each filled with delectable chocolates by Ferrero Rocher that add a touch of luxury to your celebrations. Moreover, pair these decadent treats with the sweet tanginess of our mini apricot jam. A delightful addition to your wholesome Raya spread. So, come on a journey with us!

    What's Inside Riang Raya gift box?

    Gold Mug x1 - Forget about gold coins. This shiny mug is the real treasure in our Hari Raya gift set! Crafted with a touch of Midas magic, it's the perfect vessel to sip away to Raya riches. So, savour a brew fit for a king or indulge in a cuppa with a side of laughter. Likewise, it adds a splash of sparkle to your festivities. A showstopper for Raya. Moreover, place it as a decor or display. Talk about making a statement! Sweet Dodol x1 - A taste of tradition! Handcrafted with care and bursting with flavour. These bite-sized treats of a mix of dodol pandan and dodol gula melaka are sure to delight your guests. Made from time-honoured recipes passed down through generations. Each mini dodol is a delicious nod to Malaysian heritage. Enjoy them as a sweet snack or a delightful dessert. Add a touch of Malaysian charm to your celebrations. So, savour the richness of tradition and create unforgettable memories with every bite! Golden Treasure Chest with Chocolate by Ferrero Rocher x1 - Who can deny Ferrero Rocher chocolates? Few can resist it! The beauty of gold, care and infinite attention for quality ingredients. Packed in golden treasure chest to symbolize a golden wanderlust moment. Class and elegance with every bite. Make Raya that much more sweeter with these beauties!

    What else is inside?

    Mini Apricot Jam x1 - Spread the love with our charming mini jam! Packed with utterly sweet tanginess. Therefore, perfect for adding a touch of delight to your Raya. Each jar is a delicious surprise waiting to be discovered. Besides, these little elegant treats are sure to leave a lasting impression. Flower Tea Tube - Chamomile x1 - Who needs a bouquet when you can have a bouquet of tea? Meet the floral fiesta in our Hari Raya gift set that's blooming with flavor and fun! So, have a sip. Soon, you'll be transported to a garden party where the flowers dance and tea leaves sing. Moreover, there's no caffeine. No more boring black tea. Here's to sipping, smiling, and enjoying every petal-powered sip this Hari Raya!

    But wait, there's more!

    Handwritten Raya Themed Greeting Card x1 - Say it with heart this Raya with our handwritten Raya themed greeting card. Don’t settle for a bland message when you can make it special with ours. Personalise it with your heartfelt wishes. Besides, personalisation brings heartfelt connections. So, spread joy and warm hearts while you're at it! Riang Raya Kraft Box x1 - This Raya, let's reunite what was lost, reconnect what was missed, and rekindle what was lapsed. Take the first step with our charming box! A treasure trove of delights is waiting to restart old traditions anew at the very heart of your celebrations. Besides, this gorgeous box is packed with endless sweetness that even your nosy Auntie Nora will crack a smile. Our Raya Kraft Box is the charming cornerstone of our Riang Raya gift set. Meticulously crafted to add a touch of rustic elegance to your festive celebrations. Get ready to rock your Raya like never before!
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