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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Over the years with you..

Memories are a beautiful thing. We’re feeling a little nostalgic – recounting the moments we’ve been with you over the years. This page is a little memory lane. It is a showcase of our past festive gifts’ creation for you to savour, and to give you a taste of what’s yet to come!

Happiness can be shared in many ways. Thoughtful gifting, especially during festivities enhances joy. Not only that, it gives way to promote a healthier relationship in the long run.

Join us & rejoice in togetherness in sharing the joy with our loved ones through these special seasonal celebration gifts.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year is an auspicious day – the ushering of luck, prosperity, and good health not only to us, but also for our loved ones.  Have a taste of one of our very own co-founder’s great grandma’s secret recipe for a tantalising Ho See Fatt Choy. Good things come in abundance with our gift sets, and this snippet barely even scratches the surface – check out our past collections for this festive season!

CNY Memory Lane




A Little Thing’s never short on crafting creative gift sets. Ever heard of “Batu Seremban”? If you grew up among Malay folks back in your younger days – chances are, this traditional game wouldn’t at all be foreign to you. Brings back memories when we used to bring it to school & play it with friends while waiting for the teacher to arrive! Shh! That’s just one of the many – you wouldn’t want to miss our Raya series!

Syawal is Here



We add a touch of our own twist for our Mid-Autumn selections – keeping things traditional, yet sophisticated by incorporating exquisite & enticing flavours in our mooncakes for your longing tastebuds. Each gift set is imbued with hopes of longevity, harmony, love, and togetherness in memory of our beloved Chang’e.

What was in Store?



The newest addition in our series of Festive Seasons’ collections yet! Our specially crafted bundles of joy & love for Deepavali centers on bringing happiness & celebrating the triumphant light in our lives for you to start anew come this long-awaited colourful, and enthralling celebration. From yummy murukkus, to gourmet spiced milk tea, and gorgeous Dhoop holder with vibrant Diya lamp – it’d be too good to miss out on!

Exclusively for Deepavali



At A Little Thing – you’ll certainly not be getting coals. 😉
‘Tis the season to be merry, and jolly. Christmas is unanimously known all over the world as the season of gift-giving. Spread the love & joy with your loved ones through our unique, and enchanting gift sets just for this celebration! Santa’s coming early to town!

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With Love, A Little Thing

Love what you see in our past collections?

A Little Thing is what it is today thanks to your heartening love, and unwavering support. In turn, we dedicate our creativity, innovation, time, and attention into crafting these wonderous pieces just for you. What’s more, you’re also contributing to wildlife restoration. Doesn’t that feel great?

Thoughtfully curated gifts will leave a lasting impact on the receiver. That is what we aim to incorporate in each of our collection. Our special sets contain reusable components that makes the gift last beyond its years.

It means so much to us for you to anticipate our upcoming seasonal celebration’s collections! We’re always looking for ways to expand our reach to serve you better.

See you then!

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