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A Little Reward


A LITTLE REWARD is a special program for our loyal customers. We offer attractive perks and benefits for your shopping with us. The more you spend, the more your rewards – yes, it’s so sweet & easy! 🙂

How do I join A LITTLE REWARD?

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Can I consolidate multiple accounts into a single account for expenses?

How long do I have to collect points?

Can I also use coupon codes alongside rewards point for discount at checkout?

Our Products

Ready to Ship Gift

Our beautifully crafted & ready-to-go gifts are made to help you enjoy the art of gift giving even when you’re on tight schedule. Suitable for those special occasions – think of house-warming events, birthdays, engagements, and perfect even as a token of appreciation!

You may be curious of how long it’d approximately take for your Ready to Ship Gift to arrive. Normally, West Malaysia shipment would take about 2 to 6 business days, and 4 to 8 business days for addresses in East Malaysia.

We’d usually be able to process your order within 3 days. Your gifts would then be carefully curated, and hand-wrapped in our box to be shipped as a gift alongside your hand-written message. All this is done without including any pricing information, of course.

Before their journey to your recipient’s doorsteps – we’ll ensure that the gifts are secured in a carton box. Sometimes there are nooks & crannies that’ll require extra gifting accessories to hold the gifts in place. For this, we’ll use foams, and alike to ensure that they’re snug & ready to go. Before departing – we’ll seal the package & ship them off with their designated air waybill. Off they go! 

Celebratory Gift

Busy, busy, busy! 😅 We totally get why you’re here – all of us need a little helping hand sometimes, especially on a grand scale. We’re looking at weddings, parties, and full moon celebrations, after all.

For this category, customisation is available. For name & text personalisations – it will take about 2 weeks. For fully customised artwork, please reach out to our team, as this can be done with a small fee in return.

We can also ship to multiple addresses for you. We’ll prepare a separate quote for you if you opt to do so.

There are different lead times depending on your choice of personalisation. It takes a shorter time for those without personalisation, as it would take about 3 to 7 days business days for the items to be prepared. With personalisation, we’re looking at about 1 to 3 days for our designers to create your artwork. Once we’ve received your approval for the said artwork, we’ll take around 3 to 10 business days to assemble your items.

The procedure that follows after are the same for both options. We’ll exclude any pricing information, and curate them carefully. To ensure your items’ safety during shipment – we’ll be utilising carton boxes & foams, or bubble wrap to protect, and secure the products in place. Packages are then sealed, and designated air waybills are attached for dispatch to either West Malaysia (2 to 6 business days), or East Malaysia (4 to 8 business days), depending on the address provided. 😊

Seasonal Gift

Rejoice while celebrating festive events with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues with our selection of fine & fun seasonal gifts. Crank up that extra bit of happiness by gifting them one today! 😄

If you’re looking to get them for a festive corporate gifting, please click here!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to ship to multiple addresses right away? We’ve got you covered! 😎 Just let us know where you’d like to be shipped over to, and we’ll prepare you a separate quotation for them.

Not only that – if you ever feel like customising your gifts – our team can do so for you with an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 20 units. Don’t forget to reach out to us so we can get it started for you!

On that note, our products are pork-free. We humbly request our customer’s diligence before purchasing gifts as we are not able to list every brand’s halal certification due to its multifaceted nature to acquire this accreditation.

Corporate Gifting

Let our list of clients speak for our professionalism in providing exquisite corporate gifting services. 🥰

We believe that no MOQ is required for any gifting purposes. You can opt to curate your own gifts, or shop in our online store at an exclusive rate. Where’s the store & what’s this special rate, you wonder? 😉 To join the crew, just request for a corporate account with us.

You’ll want to customise your gifts – specifically to print logos on merchandises & boxes – so, for this, we have an in-house machine to cater to your requests at the most efficient, and affordable way. But for all this goodness to happen, we’ll require an MOQ of at least 20 units.

Purchasing & shipping go hand in hand, and we’re happy to share that because we’ve gotten ourselves a special rate with GDex (to ship locally), and FedEx (for international shipping) – this means you’ll be able to reap the benefits as well if you’d like to ship these gifts directly to your colleagues or clients. Remember, there’s also the special rate given for those with a corporate account – imagine the savings you’ll get!

Now, the most important thing of all – lead time. For Corporate Gifting, lead time varies based on quantity, and whether or not the items are in stock. If yes, you’re expected to receive them within 7 days. If they are out of stock – it may take 30 to 60 days to order.

What's inside each A LITTLE THING box?

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Our Manifesto

Nothing is more amazing than a surprise gift in your mail. At A LITTLE THING – how we deliver to your loved ones is a part of what we do. That’s why we are dedicated in giving you the best price to make sure your special curated gift box arrives safely and on time.

How do you ship?

When you purchase individual products via the Marketplace – we will ship with standard packing plus packing slips without hand-crafted note. On the flip side, we ship all PRE-PACKAGED gift boxes purchased via Marketplace, “Curate A Gift” or “Ready to Ship” collections with a hand-crafted note and no price slips included.

Since my box is a gift - will my receiver get a receipt or slips?

Do you include shipping?

When will my order arrive?

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Where do you ship?

My box says it was delivered, but my receiver never got it.

Do you offer a pick-up option?

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