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    A Little Thing - Wine Not Gift Set: A Complete Adult DIY Cheese Making Kit with Wine
    A Little Thing - Wine Not: Adult DIY Cheese Making Gift Set with Wine
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    Wine Not

    For someone who loves wine, this box is exclusively for them. Aerate your wine with a portable aerator anytime, anywhere. Likewise, enjoy a good time sipping red wine while enjoying your homemade cheese. You'll feel like a connoisseur. It's an experience you have to try. So, trust us when we say that this is a true chillax gift!

    What's inside Wine Not:

    A Little Cheese Making Kit - Fresh Cheese Making Under an Hour x 1 - You can make your fresh cheese under an hour. A great accompaniment for your wine. Furthermore, this kit can make 9 different cheeses like:
    • mozzarella.
    • burrata.
    • cottage cheese. ricotta.
    • cream cheese.
    • paneer.
    • halloumi.
    • chevre.
    • squeaky.
    What's inside A Little Cheese? Rennet x 1 - To coagulate milk, rennet is one of the main elements to make cheese. Our rennet is vegetarian friendly. Additionally, it can be used on 50 liters of milk. Just imagine how much cheese it will make! Citric Acid x 1 - A weak acid compound and natural preservative that you can find in citrus fruits such as lemon. It is the key to transform milk into cheese. Cheese Salt x 1 - Add flavour to your cheese with Himalayan cheese salt. Thermometer x 1 - Timing and temperature of milk is crucial to determine the success of your cheese. Therefore, a thermometer will make cheese making so much easier. Measuring Spoons Set x 1 - This mini measuring spoon has smaller scale that can measure smaller volume of ingredients. Thus, perfect to make small batch of cheese. Cheese Knife Set x 1 - Our cheese knife set includes cheese fork, small spade, narrow plane knife and flat chiseled cheese knife. These knives are adorable. Hence, the perfect accessories for cheese lover. Cheese Cloth x 1 - A fine muslin cloth to separate your cheese with your whey. Moreover, it is reusable. Instruction Guide x 1 - Just follow the instruction and you can make 9 different fresh cheeses on your own. IMPORTANT: No cheese or milk inside! Keepsake Wooden Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All of A Little Cheese item are arranged in a round wooden box. Beautifully packed alongside your bottles of wine.

    What else is in it?

    Cabernet Syrah (18.7cl) by JP Chenet x 1 - A perfect balance, intensely fruity wine with a silky body. Aromas of cherry and blackcurrant. With a touch of liquorice and peppery notes. Can we win your heart with this one? We think so. Goes so well with cheese, too! Shiraz Cabernet Red Wine (18.75cl) by Jacob's Creek x 1 - A classically Australian blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon made in a soft, approachable style. Dark cherry and plum with notes of mocha spice. A bright, medium length wine. Also, it contains lovely soft tannins. Wine Aerator Pourer x 1 - Elegant design to enhance the mouthfeel of wine. Perfect wine gift for both experienced wine enthusiasts and regular wine drinkers. Moreover, it can be inserted into your wine bottle directly. Therefore, aerates wine instantly. Why do we do this? Because some wine benefit from aerating to enhance their flavour profile. So, give it a go! Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Moreover, a refined satin ribbon is used as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Additionally, a complimentary handwritten card is included with your Wine Not gift. Size of box: 33cm x 27cm x 12cm
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    Ready to Ship - Coffee Lover Curated Gift Box
    Ready to Ship Box Engraving and Handwritten Greeting Card - Coffee Lover Top View
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    Coffee Lover

    The love for coffee is universal. It's no wonder people would go through great lengths for it. We all have a friend who has a 'coffee routine' in their life. Imagine if they could brew coffee that they grind themselves! It's the next level for coffee lovers to make their caffeinated kick even better. This gift set is not just a looker. The look is just as great as the grind. It's nothing short of a showstopper. Love at first sight and sip. How sweet. Not only that, they'll also be able to indulge in the beautiful coffee bean aroma from the process. Give it a go and you'll know. It's an experience you'll want to try.

    What's inside Coffee Lover:

    Coffee by Carnarvon x 1 - Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop is open and is ready to serve you! Carnarvon roasts all of their coffee in house so it's always fresh and delicious. Their coterie blend has a wonderful range of taste profile. A must try for coffee enthusiasts! Vintage Coffee Grinder x 1 - Sweet old coffee grinder in lovely vintage condition. You are sure to impress your friends when you pull out this little beauty. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing old about what it can do. Likewise, it'll get the job done efficiently. We could just smell the tentalising coffee aroma while grinding. Besides, the knob handle allows for a better grip. Coffee Paper Filter x 1 - Helps to remove sediments. Also allows you to enjoy fresh and flavourful coffee hassle-free. Its small packaging is travel-friendly and light. Such a small part could contribute to the makings of a great cup of coffee. Seems miniscule but plays a crucial part. Multifunctional Coffee Spoon x 1 - This 2-in-1 elegant rose gold functional spoon ensures equal measures of coffee powder. Also, it acts as a bag seal. This way, you can clip on the spoon to your coffee bag. You'll never have to search for a spoon again. Therefore, incredibly convenient. As simple as that. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All gift items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Additionally, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Furthermore, a complimentary handwritten card is included with this coffee gift. Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm
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    Melody Muse: Music Geek
    Melody Muse: Music Geek Contents
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    Music Geek

    So, you have a music-loving friend? Their thumb can now jive on a thumb piano! Let them enjoy the instrument while savouring some honey in their elegant gold cup. Now's the time to write down some musical inspiration. Their happiness radiates with every melody. Oh, such sweet symphony. A sweet time for everyone, right? Also, fun fact - did you know that kalimbas originate from Africa? I don't know about you, but even the tunes that a kalimba makes are magical. Time to jive? Ride the waves of musical wonderment? We definitely think so!

    What's inside Music Geek:

    Mahogany Kalimba with Stand by Winly x 1 - The Kalimba is a thumb piano. Yes, it's exactly just that! It's like a magical music box that can produce amazing tunes. Something fresh and unique from Africa. Besides, it's super great for children to cultivate musical talent. Whatmore, us adults who simply love music! 100% Pure & Organic Melaleuca Honey by Giant B x 1 - Melaleuca Honey is 100% natural honey that is collected by bees from the nectar of the Melaleuca flowers. Honey is sweet - just like you! Plus, it's a known superfood. Sounds like music to my ears! (okay, no more puns)

    What else is inside?

    Leather Journal x 1 - This journal marks the new concept of design - rustic with a touch of antique and rugged edge finish. It is delicately soft to the touch. It honestly feels luxurious. Talk about a touch of class!  Musical muse? Maybe write a melody or two? Gold Mug x 1 - This gold coated porcelain mug exudes class and style. Besides, we could see it as a lovely decor, too! Like a beautiful melody, it harmonises with no effort. So, it's safe to say that you won't be having your favourite beverage the same way again. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All Music Geek items are painstakingly arranged in our premium gift box. Additionally, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Moreover, a complimentary handwritten card is included with this melody inducing gift. Size of box: 33cm x 27cm x 12cm
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    Ready to Ship - Lux Pamper My Sweet Darling Gift Set, Appreciation Gifts, Anniversary Gift Box for Her
    Ready to Ship - Relaxing and Rejuvenating Pamper My Sweet Darling Gift Box
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    Pamper My Sweet Darling gift box is the best reason to turn on DO NOT DISTURB, trust us. Relaxation begins with you. Take the first step to serenity with this gift set. Melt you worries away.

    What's inside Pamper My Sweet Darling:

    Moisturizing Perfumed Hand Cream by W.Dressroom (Peach Blossom) x 1 - Created based on trendy designs seen on New York Street. Moist and soft finish to care for dry hands with argan oil and shea butter as ingredients. Chuck's Glow on Brightening Peony Mask x 1 - It a magical mix of 78% peony water and niacinamide. Thus, it helps the skin radiate beauty. Adzuki Bean Face Scrub by Dear Scrub x 1 - Helps cleanse and unplug pores by:
    1. First, absorbing excess oils
    2. Then, drawing out impurities
    3. Lastly, promoting circulation
    Hence, it is great in dealing with large pores and blackheads. Most ideal for skin with acne tendency. So, it is a perfect addition to a beauty routine.

    What else is inside?

    Trace of Summer | Wood Sage & Sea Salt Soy Wax Candle by Caldo x 1 - The scent of the sea breeze and aromatic wood sage. Also, it is:
    1. A hand-poured soy wax scented candle
    2. Environmentally friendly
    3. A clean, non-toxic soy candle
    Rose Quartz Roller x 1 - Thousands of years ago, the Empress of China used a rose quartz roller. It maintains her youthful appearance. Hence, this semi-precious stone is considered a symbol of beauty and longevity. Keepsake Box & Handwritten Card x 1 - All care gift items are painstakingly arranged in a premium gift box. Plus, a refined satin ribbon is added as a finishing touch. So, it is gift ready. Moreover, this pamper gift includes a complimentary handwritten card. Size of box: 25cm x 20cm x 12.5cm  
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